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On our website you can choose one of two options, "Print/eMail and eFile" or "eFile Only". "Forms per Filing" represent the number of forms filed in a single filing or submission (form volume does not accumulate over multiple filings).

Prices shown are per form filed and apply to both "Print/eMail and eFile" and "eFile Only" service.


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Form 1042-Pricing



Pricing Explained : With 1099online.com there are no set-up fees, no credit card is needed to sign up, you pay only when you submit your form for electronic filing to the IRS and participating States and no hidden charges. All the filing features are included in the pricing you see above.

What’s included in Pricing ?
1) E-File to IRS and State (where combined filing is accepted)
2) Secure password protected E-Mail delivery of Recipient Copy in PDF format
3) Free Amendment for rejected return. Yes, we never charge if IRS/State rejects your return whatever reason. You may correct error and resubmit at no additional cost.
4) Your e Filed return PDF copies are available to in our system for past 4 years. System is available 24/7/365, except when there is a scheduled maintenance outage.
5) Phone, Chat and Email Support by real person. We believe in automation but not in programmed robots to answer customer call or automated answers.

Mail 1099 copy to the recipient:
This is an optional service and we will mail a 1099 copy on your behalf to the recipient for a cost of $1.50 each recipient.
Before you submit your return for e filing, system will present you with an option to choose postal mail service. Postal mail service submitted by 5.00 PM EST would be mailed next business day.

TIN Check:
TIN Matching feature offers payers match payee/recipient information against IRS records prior to filing 1099 returns.
Our TIN Matching feature will :
• Match the payee with W-9 name and TIN with IRS records;
• Decrease backup withholding and penalty notices;
• Reduce the error rate in TIN validation.
TIN matching results will be available in 24-48 hours and results will be emailed to the payer registered email address.
Avoid IRS Penalties for Information return filed with missing or incorrect TINs. Internal Revenue Services imposes $100 penalty for Information Returns filed with missing or Incorrect TIN. IRS publication 1586 provided detailed information on Information Return Penalty.

Refund Policy:
You get to sign up, enter your data and preview an actual copy of your 1099 copy. Once data/return is submitted for e file, we simply cannot cancel, alter data or stop it. Once submitted your data/return goes to the automate e file center and it cannot be stopped, altered or cancelled.

Duplicate payment refunds: If you clicked too many times on payment screen and see duplicate payment for the same filing. Send us an email to wecare@1099online.com and we will refund any duplicate payment. Rejected Returns: You may resubmit rejected returns after correcting the data. We do not refund for any rejected returns.